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GenkiJACS contest entry -Why I want to study at GenkiJACS

October 29, 2016

I’m posting to this blog in the first time in…7 years for a very good reason! My favorite Japanese school, GenkiJACS, is having a contest!! Well, two different contests, actually. One has a video entry, the other one has a blog entry. So here’s my blog contest entry on the theme of “Why I want to study at GenkiJACS”.

First, I’ve studied at GenkiJACS twice before, so I know firsthand how awesome it is. It’s just a really good school, which shows in the super-cool award they just won (congrats, everyone!).

I want to study there again because since the last time I was there, 6 years ago, my Japanese skills have eroded a lot. I’ve just recently gotten back into serious studying, so this contest came at a great time!

I know studying at GenkiJACS again for any length of time would help get my Japanese skills back up, and being in Japan would be incredibly motivating. Plus, being a student at GenkiJACs is a lot of fun, both in and out of the classroom. The school parties and trips are some of my favorite memories from Japan.

I’m keeping this short so I don’t start rambling, but basically, these contests are a really great and exciting opportunity to study at a world-class language school in one of the awesomest cities in the world (Fukuoka, of course, but Tokyo’s cool too). Thank you to GenkiJACS for holding the contests, and good luck to everyone who’s entering!

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